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    Hey you!!!! Yes you!!!

    Hello, my name is Gump from Einstein and Gump and We are offering the RARE opportunity to be interviewed on one of our many FINE shows... So if you feel the need to be plagued with alot of... (leggi)

  • Questions from France France

    Hello, I'm sorry for my bad English. I like very mutch 1000mikes where I'm building my radio, and I have some questions, but the french forum is too quite and anybody requets my mails on the... (leggi)

  • MornNoonNight

    Come listen to me; I sing and play guitar live!

  • Divine Royals

    Love and Light to you all. I wanted to stop by to tell you we are on the Air. We are Looking to hear from you. You can check our archives for our 1st show....Look for our new show on Monday... (leggi)

  • New Sports Show

    starting a new sports show here in need of some guest who are very up to date on evrything going on in the world of sports if interested please let me know

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    The Devour Hour is now a monthly show! Its on every third Monday of each month! At 5 pm still. The Power Music Hour will still be every Sunday!

  • Disentangled Truth World News Network GREAT NEWS

    Disentangled Truth World News Network has added more shows to bring you the news from around the world. DTWNN IS....... WORLD NEWS WITH PROPAGANDA REMOVED. Please visit our website... (leggi)

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    The Geekcast

    Hi guys, Got a new showtime. My show will now go out on Mondays 5-6pm instead of 7-8pm.

  • Disentangled Truth World News Network - Updates and Info from DTWNN

    You've heard the half-truths propagated by main stream media news, now it's time to disentangle the truth from the propaganda! Disentangled Truth World News Network - News with the propaganda... (leggi)

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    Online Outreach

    Hi, Time for Christ Radio has an exciting event coming soon to 1000 mikes. Be sure to listen to our special announcement airing soon!


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